I’m a stitcher not a writer!

Oops. How on earth did I manage to go this long without updating?

I don’t really have any good excuses, either. I haven’t been sick, work’s been stable, my four legged roommate is fine. So are my family and close friends. I haven’t been out of town either, unless you count the stitching retreat to Mo Ranch in Hunt, Texas courtesy of Stitches From the Heart. All I can say is Wow and Mark your calendar for next year 🙂

I do have two finishes to report. The first is a Texas Rangers baseball logo for my youngest nephew William Ryan. After being named after Rangers legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan, he had better like baseball. If not, his two older sisters will kill him.

The second is a Mill Hill Bead kit – American Eagle. MH intended this to be a pin for the fourth of July, I will finish it into a Christmas ornament for my tree. I’m hopefully to put up a small tree entirely decked out in cross stitch ornaments. By last count I have around a dozen, so the tree won’t look too plain.

On the stash front, there have been small sprees mostly around Christmas and the birthday. Otherwise, I bought Plum Pudding at the stitching retreat and a group of patterns off of ebay. I took the ones out of the lot that I wanted, then sold the rest for more than I paid to start with. I also decided to join the HAED BB SAL.

If you’re following the numbers it goes something like this:

Days: 118 of 365

Projects Finished: 7 of 163

WIPS: 30

Dollars Earned: 28

Dollars Spent: 31

If you’re looking for pictures I’ll tease you with these WIP’s…

Tuscany Town Mandala Mar 16, 2012


QS Teddy p. 1 from the HAED BB SAL

Mask of Colors pg. 11


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